Senior Fitness Exercise Program

BASE EXERCISE CLASS- Senior Fitness Exercise Program

Sponsored and supported by RSVP

A Physical Therapist advises on program. The class is led by a trained RSVP volunteer.

Low impact exercise that focuses on :


The class is Free. They do ask that you fill out a  brief questionnaire on health and give contact information. 

Held Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am @ Duncombe Tornado Shelter, 510 Folger Street.

Exercises include walking, lifting weights and stretch bands. You are free to adjust your level of participation. 

Class members express that their overall health has improved. Many report their physicians encourage them to continue the program. Benefits of exercise will have a impact on many aspects of our health, decrease falls, improve circulation, strengthen muscles and flexibility just to list a few. 

The class has been meeting for over 9 years. This is a very positive energetic group. The participants enjoy the social aspect as much as the physical components. Occasionally we offer additional presentations on health related topics or social issues.  

Contact Joan Hisler at 515-543-5240 (home) or 515-571-2086 (cell).